Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Elements 23 window

The Elements 23 window is used to input 3D models. It combines three Elements 2D windows and Elements 3D window (for example) in one coordinated input form.

Three dimensional modelling of a thermal bridge component in AnTherm

Within four quadrants the 3D view is shown at top-right quadrant (by default setting) and three parallel projections, identical to those of Elements 2D window, are shown in the other three:

  • at left-bottom: the X/Y plane
  • at left-top: the X/Z plane
  • at right-bottom: the Z/Y plane

This provides consistent consistent axe's alignment of neighbouring quadrants connected to the X/Y quadrant (left-bottom).

Each of the three 2D views displays elements in their overlapping order (input order as set within the element list, without any Z-buffer) !

Editing and selection functions are identical to those of Elements 2D window.

The 3D view is identical with Elements 3D window.

Which view is shown in each quadrant can be defined within extended user interface settings .

The views can be copied onto the clipboard to be pasted later into another application (e.g. Word) from the clipboard - for example for the purpose of integrating this view into some user's report. Views can be saved to a picture or scene file also

See also: Elements 2D window, Elements 3D window, Coordinate system, Extended user interface settings, Export Image 2D, Copy Image 2D, Context menu of element editing

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