Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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ECOTECH Material-Catalogue window

ECOTECH Baustoff-Katalog FensterThe ECOTECH Material Catalogue window uses the data of the ECOTECH Building Calculator and provides this data within AnTherm.

Remark: The ECOTECH Material Catalogue requires the "ECOTECH Building Calculator" to be installed already. If this installation is omitted, the functions are hidden (out of the Main-menu too).

On the left there is ECOTECH Material Catalogue Data displayed.
Respective materials are grouped together (e.g. standards, manufacturer) and further subdivided into subgroups.
The nodes of such a tree can be expanded by a click onto a triangle symbol or by a double click onto the name; further double click (or click onto the triangle symbol) closes that node.

The right part displays physical material properties (thermal conductivity λ, density ρ, heat capacity c, ...) and (optionally) images with further information (e.g. links to manufacturer information).

To use materials out of the catalogue do the following:

Compare to: Materials Database window

Searching and filtering of materials

Materials can be filtered by name by entering some test into the field at the top of the window. There is no wildcard support! Whitespace separated filter segments will be filter like the continuous sequence. Entering "open" for example will show only materials of which names contain the word "open".

In addition to "name filter" one can filter materials by their auxiliary properties (e.g. "insulation", "brick"). This properties are defined by the manufacturer of the catalogue. Click onto (^) to show the list of selectable auxiliary filter properties.

Click onto "filter delete" symbol resets the filter and all material are shown again.

See also: Element Editor, Materials window, Materials Database window, Material Database ECOTECH

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