Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Animate Time Dialog


The Animate Time Dialog window is used to define temporal animation of transient evaluation by automating changes to the evaluation time point T of  Boundary Conditions window.

TRANSIENT-option: Solving and evaluating time dependant dynamic, periodic problems when heat capacity effects are concerned is only possible with an active TRANSIENT-Option of the program. TRANSIENT Option in AnTherm

The temporal animation will be executed in specified time intervals continuously updating evaluation windows (Results report, Results 3D window) once these are open an boundary condition applied. Results 3D window rendering can be optionally recorded to an AVI file.

Animate Time Dialog

Time Point to Start The start value of iterating the evaluation time point
Time Point to End The end value of iterating the evaluation time point
Time Step length The step to increment evaluation time point on each iteration
Number of animation steps Number of animation frames resulting from above inputs

Remark: The AnimateTimeSettings for each MainPeriod of the latest animation started are retained within application settings (Start, End, Step, currently set in AnimationTimeDialog)

The Recording to AVI part of the window will be active if there is an active Results 3D window rendering only, otherwise it is shown disabled.

Screenshot Video

Record animation to AVI File If checked the image frame created for each time step will be recorded to a file.
Prior to start of recording a dialog will ask you to specify the file name to record to.
If the checkbox is cleared the animations started is reflected visually in the results shown only.
Recorded frame rate Specify the frame rate for later playback.
frame duration The reciprocal value of frame rate. Each time step frame will get the specified duration (for later playback)
effective video duration Overall duration of later playback of the created file (number of frames * frame duration).
Prompt for Compressor options If checked the operating system provided compressor options will queried prior the recording to a file will be started.

Remark: This VideoRecordingSettings (FrameRate, PromptCompressorOptions; currently set in AnimationTimeDialog) are saved within application settings (of the latest recording started successfully).


Start Will start iterating the evaluation time point within the specified interval
Stop Will stop the iteration.
Cancel Will close the window (and stop the iteration too)



See also: Results 3D window, Results report, Boundary Conditions window, Timelines Window

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