Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Surface Temperature Window

In "View -> Evaluation & Reports -> Surface Temperatures" you can now, after applying the boundary conditions, access a graphical representation of the temperature gradients at the surfaces of the rooms the project contains.

You can also access this view by marking the option in the window "Boundary Conditions" and clicking "Apply Boundary Conditions".


In the top left corner of the window "Surface Temperatures" you can choose the room for which you want to display the surface temperature gradient. If you zoomed the model in the Elements 2D window, you can click the image in the window "Surface Temperatures" with the right mouse button and reset the zoom.

Click "Draw" to activate the graphical representation of the surface temperature gradient.

With "Direction" you can change the direction of the unrolling.

With "Corners" you can toggle the displaying of the corners.

You can also enter the coordinates of a clip which you want to display enlarged or (if you have a full license) use the zoom function using the right mouse button.


Click the camera icon to create a Word document which you can process using Microsoft Word. In the window that is now opened you can mark the images which you want to transfer to the report builder.

Note: If you created more than four images buttons for scrolling will be displayed. A click always scrolls forward by four images.

Then you can select the images which should be printed out with the report in the report builder after clicking "Graphical Evaluation".

Attention: If you make any changes in the window that appeared after clicking at the camera icon, you must click "Graphical Evalulation" twice in order to transfer the changes to the report builder.

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