Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Isosurface (control panel)

The control panel Isosurface is used to adjust parameters of a isosurface  - a surface joining points of equal values. The isosurface shows a colorized surface of constant value of current primary function (temperature, heat flux etc.).

The isosurface is shown colorized. Actual colorizing follows the values of currently active function (temperature, heat flux, etc. - selected within General control panel) and currently selected Colour table.

Active, Opaque, Colorize Decide about the visibility, colorizing and transparency of the surface shown.
Value The value at which the isosurface shall be generated.

The input can be performed either by entry of numeric value in the input field or by moving the slider between the extreme values of respective function.

Remark: Because the isosurface exists within model's interior only it is advisable to either turn the view of the component's surface completely off or show it partially transparent (i.e. not opaque) or show it as wireframe only.
The tooltip of the tab will show up if the surface obscures objects rendered within the interior of the model.

Remark: Extreme values of temperatures include space temperatures also.


Hint: To identify and locate the are of thermal bridges there is very valuable evaluation offered by visualizing the isosurface of a high value within the field of heat stream densities.

See also: Results 3D window, Active (setting), Opaque and Opacity (setting), Colorize (setting), Solid or Wireframe (setting), General (control panel), Active Function, Isolines (Isotherms)

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