Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Probe Points /  Extreme (min/max) Locations window

Probe Points window

The window Probe Points is used to input any number of arbitrary points for which the Probe Points report shall be generated (second part of Results report). The list of probe points can be extended from the Result 3D window (Probe) also (by "Collect point").

The Min/Max tab of the window lists interesting locations with extreme values (e.g. points lowest and highest temperatures at surfaces of all spaces and within the interior of all power sources) thus providing the ability to select them for further evaluation. This read only listing is automatically provided and updated as soon as any boundary conditions have been applied to the solution.

Extremal values in probe points window

X, Y, Z Coordinates of the point in millimetres
Comment An (optional) description of the point entered (used for documentation only)
Delete/New Deletes the current data line or append a new one
Pick from Project... Probe points saved within another project will be read and appended to the list.
Report Confirms the data entry and initiates the creation of probe points in the Results report.
Double click onto data record mark

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Initiates translation of the current probe point shown in the Result3D window to the position shown in the line clicked - it translates Slices X/Y/Z accordingly. Within a 2D-project the Z-slice is set to 500 mm.

Remark: It is data shown in the currently marked line transferred -  this means, that a double click onto column or new row will also result in setting the current probe point to values shown selected by data mark arrow.

Probe Points Context MenuThe input is confirmed by pressing the button Apply. The second part of Results report will show evaluation of temperatures for all points (x, y, z coordinates) entered in this window. If some point does not belong to the interior of the construction no temperature values will be shown in the corresponding line of the report.

Probe points entered are saved to the project file.

Remark: Similar evaluation of one probe point is available within graphical results of the application.

Remark: The active tab will be saved upon the window is closed together with the application settings (LastSelectedProbePointsFormTabPageName) and restored when this window is opened again.

Remark: While "Collect Point" (e.g. out of "Results 3D window") is requested the window will switch to the "User" tab where the new probe point will be appended.

See also: Results report, Boundary Conditions window, Evaluation windows, Probe (control panel), Coordinate system, Slice X, Y, Z (control panel), Timelines window

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