Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Installation of the software

Important note: By installing the software license terms and conditions are in force.

Please check prior to the installation if the requirements for proper execution of this application are sufficiently met.

Important: You will need administrative rights (user logon) which permit you to install software.
Important: Internet connection might be required if prerequisite components must be downloaded automatically for the installation to complete.

To install the program please start the installer Setup.EXE and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
Advice: If the software shall be run by different user than the one who installed it, then the installation for all users must be chosen (the choice has to be done within the dialog while selecting the installation folder)! If you wish to make the program available to all users of the workstation then please choose the option "All Users" at the related stage of the installation.

Important: The end user (or system administrator) MUST use Setup.EXE to download and install all required prerequisites. Running the Setup.EXE supplied with the package automates all required download and installation steps. Re-Running the Setup.EXE will repair the installation and install prerequisites if needed too.

After the installation completes successfully you can start the program and begin with your work. Learning the software is supported by tutorials (cook books).

Important: After completing the installation you shall activate the license with your personalized license file AnTherm.HID - see License activation procedure .


The installer will perform following steps automatically:

  • The installer Setup.EXE checks and installs additional runtime components prerequisite for the execution (e.g. ".NET Runtime") and copies all application files into the installation folder.
    Note: During the installation of prerequisites the user will be asked to confirm each installed package and accept licence terms of the each.
  • Typically the installation folder is placed under "Program Files" folder  of Windows (C:\Program Files\tkornicki\AnTherm). Example projects, documentation etc. is also copied to this folder.
  • During the installation the installer will add to the user's "Start Menu" (or to the start menu of all users) the menu item "Antherm" and submenus allowing the user to start the program an documentation browser.
  • Files with the extension ".antherm" will be associated as "AnTherm project". Later, a double click on the AnTherm project file will automatically start AnTherm.

Important: It is possible that the installation script will ask you to install Microsoft® .NET runtime components also. This will only happen if these components have not been installed yet on your system. In the absence of the required version of MS .NET Runtime it is neither possible to install nor to execute the program. In such case please install runtime components by following the instructions displayed. When done restart the installation of AnTherm. Installing Microsoft® .NET runtime components is required even if higher version of .NET components is already installed.

Important: If you received the installation package by downloading it, then make a backup copy of it on some additional media to have it available if needed later.

Uninstalling the application

To uninstall AnTherm use the System Control panel (Add/Remove Programs / Software).

Note: Prerequisite runtime components installed can be removed via System Control panel only (Add/Remove Programs / Software). Uninstalling AnTherm will not automatically uninstall prerequisites which might be required for other applications also.

See also: System requirements, Installation of MS.NET Runtime, License file AnTherm.HID, License terms and conditions, Country specific localization

 Model, Calculate, Simulate and Analyse Thermal Heat Bridges in 2D and 3D with AnTherm®  

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