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Expression Evaluator (Tool)

This expression calculator is used as a tool for rapid evaluation of simple expressions, like 1/25 or Math.Sin(3.14). It can be helpful for calculating values required as input of boundary conditions or input of material- or surface properties.

This tool can be started from the menu Tools.

Syntax For more complex expression one can select the syntax defined by programming languages like C# (C-Sharp) or VB (Visual Basic) from the .NET Family.
Input field Input field for the entry of an expression to be evaluated.
Result field Displays the result of evaluated expression.
Evaluate Requests the evaluation of the expression shown in the input field.
Copy Copies the contents of the result field into the clipboard making it available for the paste operation within other windows and its input fields.

Expression entered into the input field must conform to the syntax of the programming language chosen. To receive the result R of an expression E (R = E) one shell enter the expression term E into the input field.

All functions available in the respective programming language can be used also - especially mathematical functions like Math.Sin or Math.Log etc.
Further (non numerical) expressions can be used here also, but describing it is beyond the scope of this application.


Expression (C#) Result Comment
1/15 0 The result is 0 because integral types only are used in the expression
1.0/15 0,0666666666666667 The result in double precision
1./15 #Error! Error, because floating point numbers are to be entered with at least one digit after the decimal point (C#)
1f/15 0,06666667 The result is single precision, dure to the use of the suffix "f".
Math.Sin(3.14) 0,00159265291648683 Using the Math library
Math.Sin(Math.PI) 1,22460635382238E-16 Using constants from the Math library
Math.Log10(10) 1  
Math.Log(Math.E) 1  
33.3*(Math.Log(7)+1) 98,0988079635419 Using expressions in braces

Remark: If the expression entered leads to an error there will be a pop-up window revealed explaining the cause.

Remark: Please be aware of the fact, that numeric constants must conform to the syntax of the programming language, thus the decimal comma (for example) might differ from the current localisation of the system as shown here above.

Remark: Detailed syntax descriptions for expressions:

Note: You shall switch between input fields by using the TAB-key. Using that key confirms the data entry. On the other hand it provides a good alternative compared to permanent mouse use.

See also: Boundary conditions window, Element Editor

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