Thermal Bridge Heat Transfer & Vapour Diffusion Simulation Program AnTherm Version 6.115 - 10.137

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Initial template of window positions AnTherm.exe.LayoutPersistence.xml

On the absolutely first start of the application its windows will be shown at some tentative positions on the screen. These initial positions are defined by the pre-installed template file "AnTherm.exe.LayoutPersistence.xml" which can be found in the installation folder. The tentative layout provided assumes screen resolution of 1024x786 pixels.

AnTherm will only read the file „AnTherm.exe.LayoutPersistence.xml“ is the application settings file AnTherm.exe.Settings.xml does not exist yet. During the application shutdown AnTherm saves window positions to the user specific settings „AnTherm.exe.Settings.xml“ and on subsequent executions only this file is being used!.

Resetting the window positions to its initial, tentative, setting can be accomplished with the menu function Windows→Reset window positons.

The format of this template file conforms to the section "LayoutPersistence" of the application settings file "Antherm.exe.settings.xml".

See also: Application settings, File Antherm.exe.settings.xml

 Model, Calculate, Simulate and Analyse Thermal Heat Bridges in 2D and 3D with AnTherm®  

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